In line with the technical drawings and samples we receive from our customers, we procure the materials demanded by our customers.

Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers, we choose the most suitable supplier to produce the desired material. We keep the material quality at the best level and also provide a price advantage to our customers.

The main materials we supply are:

Cast Steel

STEEL is an Iron (Fe) Carbon (C) alloy. Apart from C, there are different proportions of alloying elements and impurity elements. It is the chemical composition of the elements steel contains and its internal structure, which gives different properties to the steel. As various alloying elements can be added to steel, its internal structure is controlled by various processes (rehabilitation, normalization, etc.) and different properties of steel are obtained according to the purpose of use. The advantages of steel in steel casting are primarily high strength and pithiness. It is possible to manufacture workpieces which are difficult to shape by casting method. Workpieces with high mechanical loads are produced from steel castings, such as turbine housings, blade wheels, press columns, and gear trains, and also small parts, agricultural machinery, and machine tools are produced for armatures.


Spheroidal graphite cast iron is an iron-carbon cast material whose graphite in its texture is spherical. Cast iron is brittle. Spheroidal graphite cast iron (SGCI) is ductile, unlike other cast irons. In addition to the well-known castability, machinability, loading capacity and production properties of cast iron, SGCIs have a wide range of strengths, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, toughness and ductility characteristics.

Spheroidal cast iron is used successfully in many fields such as crankshafts, valves, pumps, gears, automotive parts, agricultural equipment, and pipes.


This is a cast-iron variety in which much of the carbon in its composition is found in the form of free lamellar (lamella-flake) graphite after solidification. Its surface is sooty gray in appearance when broken. This cast iron, which is dark in color due to graphite, is called cast iron with lamellar graphite or GRAY CAST IRON.

In the composition of gray cast iron, other than its main element iron there are carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, and sulfur. These elements in its composition generally come from RAW IRON (cast iron). Sulfur is an undesirable element in gray cast iron. As for phosphorus, its small amount is useful.

Gray cast iron is used in various fields of industry. They are used in fields such as agriculture, automotive, power supplies (generator and engine parts), marine, machine tools, household goods, etc.


There are various methods for the production of aluminum casting parts such as gravity casting, metal injection molding, sand casting, and low-pressure casting. These methods are preferred according to the physical properties, shape, quality and production quantity of the part to be produced.

  • Their alloys are even more durable than steel.
  • They are stainless, non-yellowing and durable.
  • Steel is 3 times lighter than Copper and Brass.
  • It reflects light perfectly.
  • It can be produced in high quantities at the same quality.
  • It is aesthetic and can be painted in any color.
  • It does not generate sparks or toxic gases during a fire.
  • It is resistant to cold.
  • It is fully recyclable.
  • It is environmentally friendly from production to consumption.
  • Its design flexibility is endless.
  • It is decorative and easy-to-transport.

Forged Materials

Hot forged parts made of high-quality steel, which are designed and manufactured by us, forged in molds, are used in the automotive industry, defense industry, machinery manufacturing industry and construction and agriculture industries.

After the forging process, according to customer requirements, processes such as calibrating, heat treatment or crack control are also applied to parts.

Fabricated Materials

  • Rod Materials
  • Square Materials
  • Sheet Metal Materials
  • Pipe Materials
  • Welded Parts
  • Extrusion Profiles

Kontek Machinery; In line with technical drawings and samples, it supplies gray cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron, low and high alloy steel casting, aluminum casting, hot forged steel, steel pipe and rod materials as requested by customers.